Fried yam with fish sauce.

INGREDIENTS: (for 2-3 servings)

For the yam;

6 slices of yam.

Salt to taste.

Vegetable oil for frying.

For the sauce;

4 pieces of boiled fish

4 peppers and 6 tomatoes

1 small onion

2 cooking spoons of vegetable oil

1 seasoning cube

Salt to taste and 2 tomatoes for garnishing.

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Welcome to MyCookery Zone| ‘ CRISPY PLANTAIN CHIPS ‘ recipe

All of a sudden, I decided to make something very light and nice. So I thought of making  ‘ PLANTAIN CHIPS ‘ as many will call it but I will call it ‘ CRISPY PLANTAIN CHIPS ‘ because I spiced my with a little of cinnamon, ground pepper etc.
You won’t believe I had my ‘ CRISPY PLANTAIN CHIPS ‘ with chilled Zobo drink , It was excellent.
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GEENA recently shared yam and aubergine (purple garden egg) recipe on her facebook page @foodiesspice. she named her post this is not a recession advice.

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A large oval/round fruit with a green bark and red inner content that posses many seeds. Taken as juice, used for fruit salad etc.

Ingredients: 1 large watermelon{using 1 quarter of the fruit for 2-3 servings}, 1/2 TBSP sugar,1 cup water, ice cubes.

Steps Involved: Wash the watermelon,cut out 1 quarter of it. Take out the inside and do away with the bark place the inside in a bowl,neatly remove the seeds and cut into little chunks and blend. Process till satisfaction, add water then strain the processed juice now add the sugar if preferred shake and chill in a fridge or add in ice cubes when ready to serve.

Note:-This fruit secrets alot of vitamins, which has been proven to prevent cancer and other diseases.



Pineapple is a fruit that contains various essential body nutrient and helps in bones fractures.It is used to make fruit juice,made as pudding,added as pizza toppings etc. Recipe for(2-3servings).

Ingredients-:2 medium sized pineapple,1 cup of water,2 TBSP of sugar,ice cubes.

Steps involved:Cut the crown of the pineapples away and slice the fruit into parts,peel of the skin neatly and rinse cut them into halve and later into little pieces so as to make it fit your juice extractor or blender.
Now pass it through a juice extractor or blender process it to your satisfaction now pour into a strain and strain properly to make it smooth and to do away with it’s chaff add in the water then the sugar and stir properly with a spoon.
Refrigerate and serve with ice cubes when it is chilled.

NOTE:The fruit juice is to be refrigerated to prevent fermentation and to keep its taste fresh and healthy.

HEALTH BENEFITS:It helps with bones fractures and osteoporosisis prevented by the manganese in pineapple,it’s also a good source of Vit. C

MCZ: Tomatoes Egg


Ingredients: 2 large eggs, medium onion ,4 large tomatoes, vegetable oil , cayenne, salt, seasoning and white pepper.

Steps involved: Wash tomatoes, slice into a bowl and the onion, season with salt ,seasoning, and pepper.

Beat up the eggs in another bowl, now place a saucepan on a medium heat adding two to three spoons of vegetable oil.

Stir in the sliced tomato, onion,pepper,seasoning and salt.
Stir for few minutes and let it set but not get burnt.
Now add the beaten eggs and stir till it’s done.

Best served with white boiled yam, noodles, bread etc. Enjoy!

MCZ: Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri:
Is a highiy nutritious vegetable soup.

Ingredients: beef,cow skin,smoked fish,stock fish,snail,ukazi and ugu leaves(shredded),dry pepper ,onion,cocoyam (red specie),palm oil,seasoning,salt and water.

Steps Involved: wash the beef,place in a pot,season with salt,seasoning and onions let it cook till its tender. Prepare the cow skin by washing thoroughly with sponge to get rid of the dirt add it to the beef on fire add the snail,stock fish and smoked fish,continue cooking till the stockfish is soft.
Wash and shred the ugu and ukazi leaves in another pot boil the peeled and washed cocoyam till it’s soft ,pound into a thick paste and add to the mixture (it serves as a thickner).
Add in some more seasoning ,pepper and the palm oil. Stir thoroughly and reduce the heat.
Add the shredded ugu and ukazi leaves fold it in and let it simmer for about 5-6minutes check the soup if it requires more salt stir & remove from heat.
The soup is ready serve with fufu or pounded yam or any other desired cereal meal