#NationalSpinachDay | Read about the Health Benefits.

It’s Spinach day! isn’t it a coincidence that its been celebrated in the woman’s month a plant oftentimes considered being a “woman’s plant”.
Spinach is a green edible plant, also known as Spinacia oleracea. Spinach is packed with vital nutrients but low in calories and high in vitamins. It is also a good source of fibre which is expected to be eaten by everybody.

The Health Benefits of Spinach include;

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#WorldWaterDay | Benefits of drinking water.

As we know humans can’t do without water cause it has pivotal role to play in humans existence.

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Happy #NationalCroissantDay ! |Food Calendar

A croissant ( UK : /ˈkrwʌsɒŋ/ ; [1] US : /krwɑːˈsɒ̃/ , /krəˈsɒnt/ ; French pronunciation: [kʁwa.sɑ̃] ) is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin, named for its historical crescent shape.

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#worldmilkday : It’s World Milk Day!

Milk is a whitish liquid, often obtained from plants and animals (mammals).

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If you’re a tea lover hands up!
It’s National Tea day…. So what is Tea?

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#NationalCordonBleuDay :It’s  National Cordon Bleu Day!

So what does Cordon Bleu mean?

According to Wikipedia, A cordon bleu or schnitzel cordon bleu is a dish of meat wrapped around cheese (or with cheese filling), then breaded and pan-fried or deep-fried.

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World Water Day

Water is one of the necessity of life, and some see it as LIFE it’s self. Water is seen as a precious gift nature blessed humanity with.

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