#NationalCordonBleuDay :It’s  National Cordon Bleu Day!

So what does Cordon Bleu mean?

According to Wikipedia, A cordon bleu or schnitzel cordon bleu is a dish of meat wrapped around cheese (or with cheese filling), then breaded and pan-fried or deep-fried.

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World Water Day

Water is one of the necessity of life, and some see it as LIFE it’s self. Water is seen as a precious gift nature blessed humanity with.

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It’s International Waffle Day !

On the food calendar it’s Waffle day.

Waffle is a flat / leavened pastry pressed with a gridpattern more like a toasting machine. However, Waffle can be savory or sweet also it can be precooked.

So check our compiled facts about the world famous waffle.

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Who is a vegetarian? A vegetarian is a person who does not eat majorly animal or meat products. To interest you, there are two types of vegetarians.

• The strict vegetarians who takes no animal products

• And the vegetarians who abstains from fleshy products e.g meat etc. such a vegan takes only animal products e.g eggs, milk, cheese, snail etc.

Reasons why people become Vegans.

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International Chocolate Day!

It is the ever famous chocolate day! Chocolate is a sweet confectionery made from ground and processed cocoa beans. Chocolates can be so choco as it’s ‘color’ and name implies. It can also get chewy when it gets into the mouth then , you start hearing sounds like (hmm ta dun ta) I know you can imagine……. just the way you feel like having a bar of chocolate in hand. But do you know some major facts behind the chocolate?. Read it up below:

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National Lemonade Day!!!

Lemonade is a sweetened beverage that has a distinct flavor of the lemon fruit. Lemonade is a popular drink in India, US, Canada, South Africa and many more.

However, it comes in various varieties that include: Cloudy & Clear types which are the common lemonade. Another popular cloudy type, is the pink lemonade, made with fruits like:

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​National Watermelon Day!!!

National Watermelon Day!!!

Hey foodies today the 3rd of August is the National Watermelon Day. The watermelon is a massive, heavy and round green fruit. When cut open often reveals a deep red watery sweet pulp that contains many seeds. The pulp seems to dissolve in the mouth but the watermelon also have another variety “the yellow” specie also a watery sweet pulp. Continue reading “​National Watermelon Day!!!”