Knowing More About Fruits third series set to begin on MyCookery Zone.

It’s a fruity season again foodies! MyCookery Zone is gald to announce the commencement of the third series of Knowing More About Fruits. An engaging and insightful segment

on MyCookery Zone where out of curiosity we gathered indepth analysis about some not too clear and misconceptions concerning some of the fruits nature has blessed us with.

Moreover, in the last two series we featured 15 different fruits and this series isn’t an exception. We will be educating you on the stories behind their cultivation, origin, ways you can prepare them as food, myths and also the names in Nigerian languages and abroad. We get to achieve all this with the sections already provided they include: ORIGIN, DESCRIPTION, NATURAL BENEFITS & USES.

Knowing More About Fruits third series, is expected to come your way every Monday beginning from 7th January, 2019. It’s going to be a fruity adventure!


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