Chef Stone covers the front page of The Announcer Magazine.

The renowned chef and founder of Reddish chronicles culinary school, Abiola Akanji was featured and as well covered the front page of the all-encompassing magazine that focuses on various aspect of human life ranging from: Education, Politics, Finance, Relationship, Food, Fashion etc.

However, our very own chef Stone was featured in the food coloumn where he elaborately spoke about his culinary journey and did shed some light and advised on what appears to still be “norm” in the society whereby children are not allowed to express themselves as it regards their choice of profession and as well following your passion.

He was featured alongside Ex–BBN’18 housemate Antoinette Lecky, Politician Eunice Atuejide and Funmi Oyatogun, founder TVP adventure.

The new issue is full of amazing interviews and content. It was released 25th October, 2018 and you can order the latest release by visiting @theannouncer_magazine on Instagram.


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