“I love the process of creating food, the intense but charming look on the faces of chefs while they marry recipes”– Say Manny, as he makes the debut of his foodblog.

The above excerpt are words from the food enthusiast, photographer, foodie and founder of Blue Ink Media, Mr Manny.

In the light of his new foodblog, “Mr Manny Food Blog” , he has shared his back story on the Blue Ink Media blog he also showcased Matse Cooks Seasoning brand as he went on to laying emphasis on how he loves food not only food but every aspect from cooking, prepping, photography and even the maker’s of food.

Mr Manny

To read the full article on his inspiring “back story”

Visit: https://blueink.ng/mr-manny-food-blog-the-back-story/

Mr Manny is ready to feed our eyes with scrumptious meals as he begins this journey of creating and sharing amazing photos and selftrusted recipes.

Congratulations Mr Manny 🎉🎊

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