Update on the upcoming #eatdrinkfestival 2018 Jollof challenge.

As foodies are expectant of Jollof and Other things event also the World Jollof Rice Day!
Jollof and other things is going to hold on August 19th, 2018.

Eat Drink Festival has given detailed analysis on what to expect at the Jollof challenge which will hold at the event.

Student’s of the renowned culinary school, Red Dish Chronicles will be up for the Jollof challenge they will be creating and showcasing many jaw dropping cuisines as they make Jollof as a starter, main and ‘reimagined’ (maybe desserts who knows? 🤷)

Speaking concerning the challenge,
from @eatdrinkfestival – ” The Mystery Box Challenge with @reddishchronicles and @magginigeria will proceed in three rounds. 2 pairs of teams will comptete head to head to make Jollof “as a starter” or “as a main” to qualify. The two winning teams will then proceed to the final round, where they will ‘re-imagine’ Jollof. In each round, the teams will have 1 hour and 10 mystery ingredients. ”

Foodies! anticipate to attend cause it’s time to JOLLOFicate 😋


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