#eatdrinkfestival | Are you ready to Jollof?

Over the years JOLLOF has become one of the most talked about and popularly eaten food.
At this year’s Eat Drink Festival, except nothing but sumptuous treats. To interest you, Maggi’s mystery box and challenge has been introduced.

Moreover, this year, students of the renowned culinary school, Red Dish Chronicles will be up for the challenge they will be showcasing many jaw dropping cuisines as they make Jollof as a starter, main and ‘reimagined’ (maybe desserts who knows? šŸ¤·)

Caption from @eatdrinkfestival ,

“Consisting of current students or alumni of @reddishchronicles Culinary School, the challenge will have teams competing in the categories of Jollof as a starter, as a main and ā€˜reimaginedā€™. –
Read more about it on the @eat.drink.lagos blog and donā€™t forget to get your advance tickets while you can! “

JOLLOF has been saving lives and will continue this can’t be overemphasized that nothing compares to JOLLOF if you don’t agree, argue with your key pad ’cause It’s JOLLOF and everything at the Eat Drink Festival .

See other food vendors that will be treating you with varieties of foods, sweets and drinks.


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