Africa’s cake maestro Tosan and wife celebrate wedding anniversary.

It’s another season of love and reckoning as renowned cake maestro and book author Tosan Jemide and his wife are celebrating 6years they’ve been together in holy matrimony.

From the post shared by Tosan,

” On this day 6 years ago, I got a second chance to start my life all over again in matrimony. It wasn’t just with any woman but with the woman that I call my best friend and my jewel.
Nothing sweet pass when man and woman dey together and peace join harmony to just arrange well….despite all the odds my jewel has stood by me….powerful to have your woman behind you.

I may not tell her as often as I should but I really do love her….. and if I had to do this all over again, I would definitely choose her.
Today I celebrate her; my best friend, my babe, mother of my many children, my greatest cheer leader and pillar of the Tosan Jemide clan.

God bless and keep you my darling!!! “

Congratulations Sir and ma ❤🎊💞🎉


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