#KTQ5 : contestants profess their love for the judges and determine to always make them happy.

What was expected to be a timid atmosphere turned the other way round into a joyful and playful session the contestants didn’t just surprise adernt followers of the show but also the judges with their performance on this week episode of Knorr Taste Quest.

The contestants rendered an amazing speech where they professed their love for the judges and pledged to “give a great show” they also graced the screen with some shaku shaku dance moves.


In their words, ” Dear judges,
We wanna say thank you! for our journey thus far is being a great privilege and a great honor to be before you.
We know that we haven’t done so well up to this point.
But we like to let you know that we are ready! We are fired up and we are gingered we are tossing it we are spinning it and we are rolling it and we are going to give you a great show. “


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