​“ Heroes New Stories “ – Pringles Nigeria

“ Heroes New Stories “ – Pringles Nigeria
Pringles Nigeria recently made an unimaginable invention of using the various flavours of their crunchy products, forming a story from each flavor “using Nigerian celebrities indirectly “ and attaching a name. Pringles Nigeria, called this new category “HEROES NEW STORIES”.

See  the photos, names & stories attached to each flavour of the crunchy and irresistible Pringles snack and perhaps you may get to figure out the celebrity.
Yung S aka ( the coolest kid in town).

Introducing “Yung S”, the newest rap sensation in town. Yung S’s rag to riches story reminds us that through determination, hard work, and a little bit of luck anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve extraordinary success.

With his explosive lyrics, Yung S will be serving you the Salt & Vinegar Pringles that promises an Explosion In Your Mouth!!.
Ada aka (you never get bored of her)

Introducing “Ada”, the latest highlife musician in town. Ada is a musical goddess with a truly unique sound, one that blends culture, traditions, and modern folk stories that will melt your heart.

Ada is never boring to vibe to. She will be serving you the original flavor of Pringles, and a good enough reason to want more.
Miz B aka (bringing vibes to any get together).

Introducing “Miz B”, the next biggest thing to happen to dancehall music in Nigeria. Miz B has a very interesting story. She started off her career as a DJ back in her university days, and out of interest brought her to places she never imagined.

What sets Miz B apart is her ability to fuse Pidgin languages into a beat that is predominantly Caribbean. Miz B will be serving you the Pringles “Texas BBQ” flavour and promise to bring you the vibes wherever you are because

#TheFunNeverStops .
Yaji aka (the hottest chic out there).

Introducing ‘Yaji’, the classic Afropop artist. Yaji traces her talent from the time she was a kid to when she became a member of the local church choir.

She sings music that brings unity and hope in people. Yaji will be serving you the spicy version of the classic Pringles and as you feel the burn in your mouth always remember #TheFunNeverStops
Priri aka (exotic and explosive).

Introducing “Priri”, the newest R&B sensation in town. Her story goes like this, she started recording background vocals for people and her friends encouraged her to open for a small event they held and the rest they say is history.

Priri’s explosive lyrics unravel the emotional roller coaster of life and love, and, whether she’s singing about a moment from a long time ago or something that happened recently, you feel like you’re right there with her.

Brace yourselves as Priri will be serving you the Paprika flavour of Pringles and the sweet taste of Paprika will always remind you why #TheFunNeverStops .
Captain O aka (the classic man).

Introducing the budding Afrobeats sensation “Captain O”. He was heavily inspired musically by 2face and Soundsultan.

Captain O is unique in many ways and has the natural lyrical ability to voice over various tempos. The fact that O has multiple ways in which he can alter the pitch of his voice gives him the ability to rap and sing most of his hooks.

Love or hate him, Captain O will be serving you with Sour Cream & Onion Pringles flavour that you can’t refuse because #TheFunNeverStop.


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