MCZ Women Crush for the month of June 2017

Our woman crush for this #FoodyWednesday 21st of June, 2017 is our own “Wonder Woman” Tiyan  Alile Uwaosabun.

She is a Nigerian chef She established the first culinary school in Nigeria “Culinary Academy” in Lagos, Nigeria, just of recent she founded the African Young Chef Competition (AYCC) which kicked off this year. The competition was all about “uniting the continent with food” she alongside launched her new Cook book titled TALE IN A PIE.
She never started as Chef, she earned her bachelor’s degree in law she also worked in business law for ten years, she branched  into the food industry in 1993 building on her kitchen experiences with her mother, making cakes and barbecue grills. She went back to school in 2012 to train in the culinary arts at the L’Academie de Cuisine.
Alile had a cupcake store called Tea Time Cupcakes. She officially began working in the culinary arts in 1999 when she started a grill house at Ibadan Golf Club named Tees Hot Bites. In 2003, she opened up a Nigerian restaurant called Tarragon, which originally started out as a dinner club. She is also the president of Culinary Arts Practitioners Association of Nigeria. #WCW #MCZWomanCrush #MCZWCWednesday

Say MAGGI kitchen / Maggi Good Food Moments then you’re talking of IYABO LAWANI.

Hardly will anyone that was born in the late 90’s or early  2000 not know her because of her passion in making outstanding cuisines and presenting “Maggi Good Food Moments “ that usually air on Nigerian Television Authority [NTA].

She started cooking at the age of 9, she is a talented Chef and writer she has a wide range of expertise in (Recipe writing, Food consultancy, Acting) and a veteran in food and nutrition matters.
She has always had an extra-ordinary passion for food, a food stylist/ photographer who enjoys doing what she does.  After worked in various fields nevertheless, she still works in some till date; family tree magazine, Charly Boy Magazine Column: Food solutions, Momentum Magazine Nigerian Cuisine and many more.

Till date she still works as a Consultant, food stylist/ for Food Photograpy for Maggi recipe books, MAGGI recipe calender, MAGGI Recipe Pamphlet, and MAGGI Mixpy Recipe Pamphlets, Home Economist, Script Writer: Maggi Good Food Moments. Nestle Nigeria Plc. Just to mention a few.

She has also featured in Movies like: Goodbye Tomorrow, Abused, Silver-spoon,   Glamour Girls, Rest in Peace,  Dust to Dust, Bitter Encounter, Deadly Proposal, Last Vote, Dirty Game, Cyberia , Hunted,  And lots more. See was our woman crush on the 28th of June, 2017.

#FoodyWednesday #WCW #MCZWomanCrush


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