​Chef GEENA plans on posting a special recipe for sallah.

Chef GEENA plans on posting a special recipe for sallah.
Chef GEENA of foodies and spice shared with foodaholics (her fans) what she will be making this sallah. Iya Ibeji as she is popularly

This is congratulating the successful completion of the Ramadan fast. We wish you prayer answers. This year we brought to you tips and giveaways courtesy Mama’s pride rice and we are so happy with your participation thanks so much.

We are also congratulating specially all those who won packs of rice . if you didn’t win this time, please stay tunned here cos ” e fit be you next time o” . so in concluding the Ramadan season, I will be posting a special recipe tomorrow for sallah.

The recipe will feature  DATES used in two ways and yoghurt which is very good during fasting. The recipes will add some great swag to your sallah table so stay tunned  here and invite your friend also by Sharing this post.

Love you all so much and keep a DATE with me @geenamore #iyaibeji #ramadan #fasting #tips #giveaways #foodies #foodaholic #dates #sallah ”

{Image credit: Chef GEENA}


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