​Comprehensive report on the upcoming Bailey’s bake fest competition.

Contestant’s and their paired celebrities set to infuse Bailey’s into everything.

Bailey’s bake fest is a competition organized by Bailey’s Nigeria to show the uniqueness of Bailey’s and to bring out the best in making use of Bailey’s in baking.

However, has reported earlier by MCZ Food Media the paired celebrities ( ALEXX EKUBO, WAJE, FUNKE AKINDELE and MAI ATAFO). And the contestants;


Will be battling, digging it all out and adding taste to your taste buds as they infuse everything with Baileys. Come June 26th, 2017.

On the 20th of June, 2017 the paired celebrities posted on their pages to keep their fans up to speed on the upcoming competition. In no particular order,

Here is what ALEXX EKUBO had to say:


Here is what WAJE had to say:


Here is what MAIATAFO had to say:



Here is what FUNKE had to say:


So turn up foodies and support any of the teams.



Bailey’s Nigeria is assuring those who will be present at the fest that (She will unapologetically spoil you at the fest).

Bailey’s Nigeria took to her page “when we say we’ll unapologetically spoil you silly with Bailey’s infused everything at #BaileysBakeFest we mean it”.

Meaning there will be various yummy!! gourmet at the fest, I think you shouldn’t miss this fest for anything and get your taste buds into a nice treat with Bailey’s infused into everything.

Follow: @baileysnigeria and send a DM to show you are interested in attending the fest. And you will be sent an invite.

When we said Bailey’s Nigeria has got you covered we meant it , having troubles on what to wear to the fest? see the photo below


@alexcooks (ALEX OKE)

@Ifys.kitchen (IFY MONYE)

@cheferos (TOLU EROGBOGBO)

LARA RAWA and many more…

So turn up guyz on the 26th of June, 2016 Venue: MURI OKUNOLA PARK VICTORIA ISLAND.

Time: 10 AM and support any of the teams.

Bailey’s bake fest promises not only to be tasty, yummy and tantalizing but it will be a mind blowing fest where BAILEYS IRISH CREAM will be infused into everything.

{Image credit: Bailey’s Nigeria & MCZ Food Media}


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