​Updates on the Bailey’s Nigeria Bake fest competition.

Updates on the Bailey’s Nigeria Bake fest competition.
Bailey’s bake fest is a competition organized by the makers of Bailey Irish cream it is an Irish whiskey and liquor used for baking, drinking and various confectioneries.

However, the competition basically is to bring out the best in making use of Bailey’s Irish cream in baking. To interest you Bailey’s have

varieties of flavors they include; biscotti, hazelnut, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, orange etc.

As MyCookery Zone Food Media reported earlier , to view click HERE. The contestants that sent in their 1 minute videos have been shortlisted by Bailey’s bake fest organizers this can be seen in the picture below.

Bailey’s selected only 4 of the contestants that sent in their entries for the bake fest competition.

The contestants are;





We say congratulations!!! To them all.

In the post Bailey’s Nigeria posted on her Instagram handle she had this to say

“thanks to everyone who dazzled us with their amazing Bailey’s infused treats! You blew us away. Meet the final four bakers who’d be competing at the #BaileysBakeFest Bake off”.

So these 4 contestants will be competing at the bake off.

Truly the bake fest will be a mind blowing experience for everyone.

Bailey’s Nigeria has got you covered.


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