​Photos: forecasting reports on the upcoming Bailey’s bake fest.

Photos: forecasting reports on the upcoming Bailey’s bake fest.

After many weeks of announcing the Bailey’s bake fest competition, contestants have been so obliged in sending in their entries for the baking competition.

However, “entries are now officially closed. Shortlisted winners would be announced soon” says

(Baileysnigeria). This was disclosed 2days ago on her Instagram handle. 

The contestant’s that sent in their entries made yummy! Confectioneries ranging from desserts, cupcakes, cakes even doughnuts. These are some of the entries from the Bailey’s bake fest competition gathered by MCZ Food Media.

In no particular order these are the entries.




2. @jof_sweettreats


this was named “Awesome chocolate Bailey’s cake”.

3. @soff_ie


this was named “Bailey’s red Velvet cake with cookie base, baileys cream, white chocolate shavings and glaze cherries “.

4. @bake_a_lott


decided to make “Bailey’s chocolate cupcakes”.



@fimies_dessertville made ” DARK CHOCOLATE BAILEY’S CAKE + Bailey’s infused dark chocolate ganache drizzled with caramel sauce”.



@fasthebaker made “Bailey’s Irish cream cake with Bailey’s buttercream”.

7. @cakesbydharnael 


made “Bailey’s chocolate cake”.

8. @deduncakes


“Straight out of the oven. Before they get infused with more Bailey’s, cored with dulce deleche filling, frosted with yummy whipped cream and topped with some crunchy biscuits sticks and chocolate and ganache drizzle”.

9.  @adeolalayade


made “Bailey’s caramel frappuccino cake ”

10. @konyenum also known as @kocakesnig


made “Bailey’s chocolate cupcake with Bailey’s strawberry filling”.

If you thought “cake” was the only thing you can use Bailey’s for then I think you got it wrong cause;

11. @dcakefairy


made “Bailey’s doughnut”.

12. @yelashcakesng


made “Bailey’s infused profiteroles”.

13. @drumzcakelord


made “Bailey’s Paris Brest and éclairs”.

MCZ Food Media commends these contestants who have taken the bold step in sending in their one minute video and photos. It’s now left for Bailey’s Nigeria to shortlist the contestants that sent in their entries.

Follow: @Baileysnigeria for more and keep it locked here Facebook: @mycookeryzone Instagram: @mycookeryzone Twitter: @mycookeryzone  Website: mycookeryzone for more on Bailey’s bake fest competition.


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