​Highlights of the just concluded AYCC 2017.

Highlights of the just concluded AYCC 2017.

The African young chefs competition (AYCC) was held yesterday 5th of May, 2017 at the Harbour point, 4 Wilmot point way, Victoria island, Lagos Nigeria.

The event was fully packed with series of exhibitions.

Maggi stand
Catuma stand
Limehouse stand

fun, entertainment

Adunni and Nefertiti


book launch and signing etc.



Ik Osakioduwa

Jury member’s

Chef Coco, Chef Nti, Mrs Kehinde Daniel.
Chef Coco, Chef Nti, Mrs Kehinde Daniel.

Before the competition started Chef Tiyan Alile founder of Culinary academy and AYCC gave her opening speech.

Chef Tiyan Alile 
Chef Tiyan Alile 

Mentoring classes was held at the event see photos after the cut.

Chef fregz doing his best to mentor and inspire participants.
The amiable Chef Olivia during her mentoring class.

The competition began in earnest and the cheftestants well represented from countries like (Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Congo). Began what they know how to do best. See photos after the cut:

During the AYCC2017 Adunni and Nefertiti entertained the audience.

Adunni and Nefertiti group

 Adunni and Nefertiti is a multiple award winning, talented, cultural folk female singing group known for their African vibe and style of delivery. The word “Nefertiti” {Is derived from the Kiswahili-Bantu and Shona-Bantu languages}. They entertained the audience and trust me so many people were inspired with the African vibe they displayed.

However, the jury’s and some chefs were given an award at the event.

Chef Tiyan awarding Mrs Kehinde
Chef Tiyan awarding Chef Coco
Chef Tiyan awarding Chef Emeka

After many tests, efforts, attempts and trials the winner emerged for the AYCC2017.

The awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

The winner is Princewill Okpala a (Nigerian) 1st position.

Princewill Okpala ( winner) being awarded by Chef Tiyan Alile

The 1st runner up is DJ Spanky (Togolese) 2nd position.

Dj Spanky (2nd position)

The 2nd runner up is (South African) 3rd position.

The winner’s of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We say congratulations to all the cheftestants that participated in this year’s AYCC.

Take a look at some personalities that graced the AYCC2017.

Mother and Chef Tiyan (daughter)

Chef Nti and Chef Fregz

Chef Victor , Chef Tiyan Alile and others
Chef Victor , Chef Princewill and others

Chef Olivia and Chef Coco

Some reactions from social media:

Social media reactions

Finally, AYCC2017 was a successful event that inspired so many that attended, the event was fully packed with exhibitions of all kinds. MyCookery Zone gives kudos to the organizers and culinary academy for this inspiring and successful event that was created to unite the continent and the world with food.

Let’s continue uniting the Continent and the world at large with food see you next year!!!!.

More photos after the cut.

Princewill Okpala ( winner), some members of the jury etc.
Chef Tiyan, Jury’s and contestants of the AYCC2017

[photo credit: AYCC & MyCookery Zone]


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