​Forecasting evidence of the upcoming AYCC2017.

Forecasting evidence of the upcoming AYCC2017
The African young chefs competition  (AYCC) is around the corner and we have less than 24hours to crown the event. But before it heats up and starts cooking, let’s share some highlights of the upcoming biggest competition amongst young African chefs.

The most talked about event is to hold come May 5th, 2017.


Time: 10:00am prompt.

There are various things to look out for at this event they include;

• Mentoring seminars for 100 participants in order to build capacity in the hospitality industry.

• Culinary games.

• Competition among the cheftestants.

• AYCC goodie bags.

• Complimentary food and drinks etc.

We have just 10 cheftestants that will be competing. The 10 chefs are from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Togo and Congo.

This was disclosed by the founder of Culinary academy and AYCC Chef Tiyan Alile during a tweet chat interview see this.

However, there are just 3 jury members for the AYCC2017 competition. They include: Chef Coco Reinarhz from (South Africa), Chef Nthabiseng Nti Ramaboa (Burundi) and Kehinde Daniels from (Nigeria) together they would bring their years of global experience to determine the winner of AYCC2017.

Let’s tell you more about the jury’s.

The jury’s had these to say about the upcoming AYCC2017.

Chef Coco Reinarhz

A hospitality consultant from South Africa, a member of the Jury. He his known for his unique, innovative, fine tuning afro-fusion culinary style merely he combines classic French cuisine with most opulent of African flavours.

he said. “ I will like to wish all the best to our young talent and am really looking forward to see the creativity and being inspired by this young chefs”.

Chef Nti

She is from Burundi, she is affectionately known for her talent in creating delicious dishes. She excludes an electric, vibrant and youth energy that appeals to all young upcoming chefs. She said “ I am honestly looking forward to experiencing your different cultures through your cuisines. I mean, what better way of uniting Africa right “.

Mrs Kehinde Daniels

she is a Nigerian and also a fellow and chairperson of institute of hospitality UK (Nigerian branch) she was recently awarded “fellow of institute for tourism professionals”. This is what she has to say “ “I am delighted and excited being a member of the AYCC jury, It is all about DETERMINATION and Being Resourceful”.


During the “tweet chat interview” conducted by MyCookery Zone on the 3rd of May, 2017 LIVE on twitter.

Chef Tiyan  Alile revealed some amazing, fascinating and mind blowing facts.

MCZ food media asked “when did you start thinking of coming up with the AYCC competition?” 

She said “about 8years ago and viola my dream is now a reality”.

MCZ food media went further to ask “ what impact will this competition have on the food industry”.
She replied saying “with all ttr training, there will be deeper knowledge and entertainment value”

She later on said “we would also have hospitality industry recruiter’s and exhibitions, it’s a packed day of industry related events “


The host of the AYCC2017 is the very talented, finest, African greatest host Ik Osakioduwa.

Expect yummy confectioneries from Chef Olivia

Expect delicious food from chef Emeka

Other chefs that would be mentoring at  the AYCC2017 include: chef Fregz, chef Punshak and many more…..

truly we will be uniting the continent with food come May 5th, 2017.

MyCookery Zone Facts about AYCC2017.

Did you know? It is schedule to hold on the 5th of May 2017.

Did you know? We only have 3 jury members.

Did you know? Only 10 cheftestants will be competing.

Did you know? It took 8years to accomplish the dream of bringing the AYCC into reality.


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