Overview of the GTBank Food and Drink Fair 2017 (DAY 2).

Overview of the GTBank Food and Drink Fair 2017 (DAY 2).
Today the 1st of May, 2017 the second and final day of the GTBank food and drink fair 2017. All roads leads to water corporation, drive , Oniru, Victoria island, Lagos Nigeria. 

Where another masterclass

is going to hold  yesterday’s event was fantastic as chefs had a nice time with the audience and vice versa.

(Click HERE to read up on yesterday’s event)

However, children were given the platform to participate in the SKS “I Can Bake” Junior class to participate is absolutely free and it was fun cause kids can be so ambitious. The boy in the photo  

got a certificate for participating in the SKS “I Can Bake” junior class as posted by his mother @katchysangel . other photos from the “I Can Bake” Junior class can be seen below: 


Chef Benedict began his masterclass on a very good note 

He asked the audience to ask him questions , he went further saying he was willing to answer any questions he was asked. He proceeded in making some great Italian cuisines. Just to remind you, he his a custodian of Italian cuisines though he his an African. 

During his masterclass he made effort in guiding the participants into the historical realms of Italian culinary arts.

Chef Nkesi 

She is the founder of hsegourmetcuisine . Chef Nkesi is well known for her fusion of European techniques of food preparation with our African and Asia rich flavors. She generously replied the questions directed to her during her masterclass. All these she did today during her masterclass.

Chef Kevin
decided to make soulfoood!!! during his masterclass.  But he made a point, he said “don’t use evaporated milk in your meals, substitute with coconut milk or Greek” you know why? Because evaporated milk can’t stand heat

It was lovely having an alumnus of Harvard university around  he is majorly concerned about promoting fitness and healthy cooking habits. Indeed it was lovely having him.

Chef Raphael studied engineering but he decided to go for what he has passion for which is “FOOD” and today he is a world class chef at his restaurant. He made great cuisines today during his masterclass.

He was accompanied by Sous Chef Filippo Bandini.
Take a look at some photogenic individuals who decided to catch fun at the event:

MyCookery Zone Food Media gathered some reactions from social media:

The GTBank food and drink fair 2017 was fully packed with great music, fun, entertainment, exhibitions, food and drink. We can go on and on but, we appreciate the attendee’s and  the organizers of this great event. The GTBank Food and drink fair connected people from both far and near. We want to see more of this next year!!!

Promoting enterprise indeed.

[Photo credit: GTBankFoodDrink & MyCookery Zone]


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