​It’s National Café Au Lait Day!!!

Every 17th of February is celebrated as ‘National Café Au Lait Day‘ . It is a day teashops or restaurant displaycoffee teas of various kind to mark the day and lovers of coffee get to order for their preferred choice.

Facts about Coffee.
1. Did you know? 

Coffee is said to be native to Ethiopia, this was discovered in the 11yh century.

2. Did you know?

Coffee beans were first exported from Ethiopia to Yemen.

3. Did you know?

There are only two main types of coffee beans ‘Coffee Robusta’ and ‘Coffee Arabica’.

3. Did you know?

Coffee was banned by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church before the 18th century.

4. Did  you know?

Abuna Matewos dispelled the beliefs of the clergy that coffee was a Muslim drink.

5. Did you know?

Similar ban was instituted in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1532 and all coffeehouses and warehouses were sacked.

Benefits of coffee drinking.
1. Coffee boost physical performance.

2. Less gout risk.

3. Prevents retinal damage.

4.Black coffee prevents cavities.

5.  Coffee helps you burn fat.

6. Coffee helps you stay focused.

7. Coffee protects the brain

8. Coffee lowers the risk of stroke.
Disadvantages and risks of coffee drinking.

1. Taking bad coffee can be toxic.

2. Coffee can kill you [ If you drink in excess 80-100 cups (23litres) in a short intervals.

3. Coffee can cause restlessness.

4. Pregnant women should only take a cup of coffee a day or abstain from taking.


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