​Take a look at what chefs made on Valentine’s day.

Chefs across the world celebrated Valentine in style by making mouth watering dishes.

Photos below:

1. Chef Geena treated us with various dishes like chicken sandwich and fries with romantic ketchup (used in making an inscription “kiss me love” ) Romantic!!!

And also chicken with Zobo glaze.

2. Chef Eros made a cake that he called “folake with love” incredible!!!.

3. Chef Fregz made “short rib agnolotti, foie gras and truffle butter. Lovely!

4. Chef John Williams made this valentine buffet banquet with fruits; so creative.

And also these valentine starters.

5. Chef Trey Mark Jones made tasty dishes with; charred grilled prawn, forged mushrooms, farrorisotto, and lemon.

He also made this dish using; Chilean seabass, blue ocean grits, corn salsa and lemon. Awesome!

6. Chef Tharanga Eakanayanka made ‘ My art valentine dinner‘. Nice!


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