National Popcorn Day.


It’s Popcorn Day !!!

Fact’s about popcorn.
1. Did you know?
The term “popped corn” first appeared in John Russell Bartlett‘s 1848 ‘ Dictionary of Americanisms ‘

2. Did you know?
Since ancient times popcorn has been a popular snack food. It was launched in 1970 by Orville Redenbacher‘s namesake brand.

3. Did you know?
Corn was first domesticated in Mexico 9,000 years ago.

4. Did you know?
In Mexico, they found remnants of popcorn that dates back to around 3600BC.


5. Did you know?
Commercial large-scale popcorn machines were invented by Charles Cretors  in the late 19th century.


6. Did you know?
Popcorn is produced through the explosive expansion of kernels of heated corn.


7. Did you know?
A medium bag of popcorn contains about 720 calories per bag, 1,860mg of Sodium and 48grams of fat.


English Name: Popcorn
Yoruba Name: Gúgúrú
Igbo Name: oka agbara agba
Efik Name: Ibikpot
Ibibio Name: Abakpa
Spanish Name: Palomitas de maiz


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