Mycookery Zone Food Media| SAVE THE PLANTAIN !!! Part 1



These are the word’s from Chef GEENA.
According to her ” now is not the time food should be wasting. Nigeria is not in a positioned for any form of wastage right now because the cost of food stuffs has gone really high (story for another day).

In the light of the anger , there lay some plantains that just got over-ripe in my kitchen. Plantains have this bad habit of getting ripe at once instead of going bit by bit.
And when they all decide to turn yellow, how many person one fry, boil, bake or grill at once?

So today I thought up something the victims were just 2 left over ripe plantains that i thought had been eaten since, realizing it was on its way to trash, i changed its destiny to this beautiful yummy cake I named ‘Plantcake’
More of this report in the part 2


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