Pineapple is a fruit that contains various essential body nutrient and helps in bones fractures.It is used to make fruit juice,made as pudding,added as pizza toppings etc. Recipe for(2-3servings).

Ingredients-:2 medium sized pineapple,1 cup of water,2 TBSP of sugar,ice cubes.

Steps involved:Cut the crown of the pineapples away and slice the fruit into parts,peel of the skin neatly and rinse cut them into halve and later into little pieces so as to make it fit your juice extractor or blender.
Now pass it through a juice extractor or blender process it to your satisfaction now pour into a strain and strain properly to make it smooth and to do away with it’s chaff add in the water then the sugar and stir properly with a spoon.
Refrigerate and serve with ice cubes when it is chilled.

NOTE:The fruit juice is to be refrigerated to prevent fermentation and to keep its taste fresh and healthy.

HEALTH BENEFITS:It helps with bones fractures and osteoporosisis prevented by the manganese in pineapple,it’s also a good source of Vit. C


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