MCZ: Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri:
Is a highiy nutritious vegetable soup.

Ingredients: beef,cow skin,smoked fish,stock fish,snail,ukazi and ugu leaves(shredded),dry pepper ,onion,cocoyam (red specie),palm oil,seasoning,salt and water.

Steps Involved: wash the beef,place in a pot,season with salt,seasoning and onions let it cook till its tender. Prepare the cow skin by washing thoroughly with sponge to get rid of the dirt add it to the beef on fire add the snail,stock fish and smoked fish,continue cooking till the stockfish is soft.
Wash and shred the ugu and ukazi leaves in another pot boil the peeled and washed cocoyam till it’s soft ,pound into a thick paste and add to the mixture (it serves as a thickner).
Add in some more seasoning ,pepper and the palm oil. Stir thoroughly and reduce the heat.
Add the shredded ugu and ukazi leaves fold it in and let it simmer for about 5-6minutes check the soup if it requires more salt stir & remove from heat.
The soup is ready serve with fufu or pounded yam or any other desired cereal meal


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