MCZ: Jollof Rice.


Jollof rice is another way of preparing rice. Whereby tomatoes,meat\chicken,veggies & other condiments are added to spice up the dish. It originated from the Wolof people of Senegal & Gambia.

Ingredients:rice,meat\chicken,freshtomatoes,onion,tomatoe puree&freshground pepper&tomatoe,garlic&ginger,veg. oil,seasoning,salt,thyme&curry.

Steps Involved: Prepare the meat\chicken.cut into moderate sizes,wash and boil along with sliced onions,salt,ginger&garlic,seasoning. When done keep the stock&fry the meat in a hot oil. Add some spoons of the used oil in another pot that can accommodate the rice,add the onion,fresh groundpepper&tomatoe,tomatoe puree,add some garlic,ginger,seasoning,curry,thyme&salt.

Make a rich stew with the ingredient add in some of the meat\chicken coat lightly with the stew. When done gently remove and place in a sauce pan for later use
Add in the stock and some water add in the parboiled rice & cook till the aroma fills the entire room and until the rice gets soft. Garnish with veggies & serve.


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