(Nov. 3)

Sandwich is a meal made by assembling (vegetables, meat, fruits, butter, mayonnaise, etc.) them on one another using a bread to support the filling.
It is often regarded as a quick and tasty way of making meal.
However, it can be served as a lunch or breakfast it can also be prepared hot or cold.

• Sandwich basics.

1. Choose your bread.

There are various types of bread especially the “whole grain” and “multi-grain”. Whole grains are the best to use when making sandwiches because they contain high nutritional benefit beyond normal bread. Bread also comes in different sizes e.g buns, slice, loaf, raised flat, flat bread.

2. Choose your condiment.

Condiments also known as spice but are not really necessary in making sandwich because it makes it moist but can really add flavour to the food. They include:- butter, ketchup, pesto, barbecue sauce, etc.

3. Choose your filling.

Sandwich comes in different form so the filling between the bread layers varies. This is where you can be creative your filling can include:- meat; sausage, bacon, etc., vegetables; salad leaves, stir fries, tomatoes, etc. , cheese; blue, brie, gouda etc. other items like fried eggs, peanut butter, jelly, nutella etc. can be added also.

MyCookery Zone facts about Sandwich.

1. Did you know? November 3rd is celebrated has sandwich day!
2. Did you know? Sandwiches can be prepared hot or cold.
3. Did you know? Sandwich is regarded as a quick and tasty way of making meal.
4. Did you know? Sandwich can be prepared within 5-20 minutes.



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