National Nut Day.

What is a nut?
Nut is a fruit with a hard shell inside the shell there is an edible seed.
A lot of people love varieties of nut because of it’s distinct flavor, taste, aroma, and food value. Nuts are great, it is an energy-boosting snack, crunchy and rich in vitamins , minerals also rich in healthy oil like omega3 fat.

Some nuts are listed below:
Almond, Australia nut , beech,black walnut, Brazil nut, coconut, butternut, candle nut, cashew nut, chestnut, ficifolia, English nut, gevuina, gingko, hazelnut, Indian beech, Japanese walnut, jesuit nut, kola nut , macadamia, malabar chestnut, mamoncillo, ogbono nuts , peanut, pecan, Persian nut, pine nut , pistachio nut, tiger nut etc.

1. Nuts are great snack taken most especially during midday in accompany with brunch/lunch.
2. Nuts like the peanut,ogbono nuts are used to make soups and tasty dishes.
3. Used in making healthy oils used for cooking.
4. For garnishing; nuts can be crushed to garnish salads, and toppings for cakes etc.
5. Nuts like nutella, peanut , hazelnut etc. Can be made into butter used for bread spread.

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