It is a tasty easy soup recipe usually eaten by the people in riverine areas.
Ingredients:Cat fish,Raw white yam/potaoe puree,chilli pepper,ground crayfish,ogiri,seasoning&salt.
Steps Involved: Cut the cat fish,clean and wash pour hot water on it then wash with cold water. Boil some white yam when soft,pound till a smooth paste is formed(serves as a thickner you can substitute yam for potato as well). Wash and cut the utazi leaves,blend the chilli pepper and the utazi leaves.
Note:The utazi leaves is used as a flavour it should be added in little quantity because of it’s bitter taste. Place the cat fish in a pot add water&seasoning cook till it’s properly cooked(beef & dry fish can be added if preferred). When the cat fish is done add crayfish,blend chilli &utazi leaves also add the yam paste in small lumps add ogiri & salt to taste cover the pot allow the contents cook on a high heat till all the yam paste has dissolved stir&simmer. The soup is ready serve with any cereal meal


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