This is a traditional stew served by food vendors. The contrast taste cannot be compared with other stew due to the palm-oil which is very mouth watering. Ingredients:- fresh beef,palm-oil,fresh ground tomatoes & pepper,onions,tomato puree,seasoning & salt to taste.
Steps Involved:- Boil the cut,washed beef and season with the seasoning,salt and onions. Heat oil in a clean large pot add onions and fry for 10minutes. Add tomatoe puree and the fresh ground tomatoes and pepper and stir thoroughly. Finally add the cooked meat and the meat stock. Stir thoroughly and allow to simmer for 15minutes now check the stew by tasting.
Note:The beef can be fried before adding to the stew. The stew is ready ,remove from heat and serve with boiled rice or yam. It can also be combined with ewedu or okro sauce which can be served with amala or eba.


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