#TopChef : season 15! Set to première.

American cooking reality TV show, Top Chef is to première on Bravo TV in less than 24 hours. Top Chef is one of the most watched cooking tv series. Meanwhile, the fifteenth season is set at

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Fiesta of Flavours 2017.

Is a premium food and beverage exhibition and the first of its scale and calibre in West Africa. That showcases various foods and drink vendors all on a 2-day event. Optimum fun, satisfaction, excitement and above all great cuisines with rich infused flavours will be discovered. However, last years event was an adventure every foodie will want to be a part of (read more on Fiesta of flavours 2016 HERE) and this year will not be an exception as

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#KnowingMoreAboutFruits. (Coconut)

English Name: Coconut

Botanical Name: Cocos nucifers

Yoruba Name: Àgbón

Hausa Name: Kuwapa

Igbo Name: Akubeeke

DESCRIPTION: A large nut of a tropical tree called the coconut palm. It grows inside a hard shell that contains a soft white substance that can be eaten and juice that can be drunk.

The fruit of the coconut palm is harvested throughout the tropical world for food, oil, and coir. It is also a member of the (Drupe family).

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#Fiestaofflavours2017 :Unveiling of the Fiesta of flavours ‘Rising Star Chefs’.

Remember that MCZ Food media reported that Fiesta of Flavours took to her page to call on chefs to partake in the selection of the Rising Star Chefs who will be demonstrating also at

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#Fiestaofflavours2017 : MEET CHEF BENEDICT one of the FiestaChefs

Chef Benedict @chef_benedict is Head Chef at Chef Benedict Culinary Experience. He’ll be at Fiesta of flavours 2017 ready to treat you to some sumptuous Italian dishes😊..

#Fiestaofflavours2017 : MEET CHEF EROS one of the FiestaChefs

Chef Eros @cheferos is Creative Director/Executive Chef Eros Group Ready to treat you to fine and luxury food at #Fiestaofflavours2017 Save the date!!!😁 • • •

MCZ Men and Women Crush for the month of November 2017.

Yass! It’s the last day in the month of November and also another time when we get to review our men and women crush for the month. MCZ featured these food enthusiasts and chefs this month check them out.

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